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In the empire of Toishū, conflicts between human and yokai factions arise as the industrial era takes place. Hana, a young woman versed in the arts of Hanadō, an ability that lets her harvest and use the essence of flowers, wants to set things right in her homeland and is ready to take up arms. 

Fight as Hana against hordes of spiritual and human enemies using the power of Hanadō, influence characters and their emotions to alter the story and the balance of forces, loot tons of items, level up and get stronger to progress in this enchanting, mystical &  fast-paced  3D action-RPG Hack'n'Slash.

Hanadō was created as a 3-month game design project related to "Interactive Digital Experience" Gobelins/CNAM-ENJMIN education.

Disclaimer - As an early prototype, features are added progressively to the game. The following features may be added in the future : loot and items, full relic-flowers skill tree, more spells and attack skills, more areas and enemies, characters and storyline.


  • Explore the area, collect and equip the 3 relic-flowers to get ready for battle
  • Fight against the Sarugami to earn experience, allocate combat attributes and power up
  • Harvest the essence of flower to regain health or magical essence
  • Free the temple from the yoke of the King Sarugami


  • Keyboard & Mouse :
    • [LMB] Move/Interact/Pickup
    • [SPACE] Roll
    • [RMB] Main Attack
    • [Q], [E] Spells
    • [1], [2], [3] Use of emotion influence (in dialogue mode)
    • [I] Open inventory
    • [Scroll Wheel] Zoom in/out
    • [Escape] Pause/Quit


Aurélien HARCAUT
Guillaume PANGAUD
Alexandre SAI


IDE2021_Hanadō_Demobuild_V1.0_Windows.zip 519 MB

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